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Special Commissions

If you have a particular design in mind for one box or for a number of boxes and you do not see what you would like whilst browsing the site, Pandora's Boxes will endeavour to turn your ideas into reality by providing custom-made boxes.

We can provide boxes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including round, square, oblong, heart, oval and hexagonal. Sizes range in width from 15cm (6") up to 53cm (21"). This means that boxes are available from small right up to hat box size.

Available fabrics include moiré, damask, silk, peachskin, tartan, fake fur, organza, as well as a variety of floral and patterned fabrics. We can often use customers' own fabric too!
Below you will find details of just a few of our commissions. Our clients were delighted with their purchase and were happy for us to display photographs of their boxes on the web-site.


A large number of boxes were supplied for a successful fund-raising Polo Charity Event which took place at Ashe Park, Steventon in Hampshire (near the former home of the novelist Jane Austen). The event was attended by The Prince Of Wales and HRH Prince William with 400 guests and a number of celebrities. The gift boxes we supplied were designed for the occasion. They were covered in a cream calico fabric and covered with roses in a variety of sorbet colours.

Boxes supplied for Royal Charity Event


The Paradise was an adaptation of a classic 19th century French novel by Emile Zola relocated to a northern English town. The first series ran on BBC1 in the Autumn of 2012. It was a rags-to-riches love story with the backdrop of the opening of the first English department store, and starred Sarah Lancashire, Emun Elliott and Joanna Vanderham.

Pandora's Boxes were pleased to supply a number of large fabric covered Hat Boxes to the production. The Paradise returned for a second series in October 2013. Click here for more details of the BBC1 production.

The first series of The Paradise premiered in the USA, on PBS Masterpiece, in 2013, with the second series starting in September 2014.

Pandora's Boxes can produce similar Hat Boxes on request, either individually or in a stacking set. Sizes vary, as do colours and so if you are interested, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

The Paradise (Picture copyright BBC) The Paradise (Picture Copyright BBC)


Carnival Films commissioned Pandora's Boxes in 2013 to supply a special collection of our hat boxes to be featured in the award winning ITV series, Downton Abbey, also shown in the United States on PBS Masterpiece. We worked together with our client to create a unique range of hat boxes covered in luxurious fabrics that would complement their surroundings. Our boxes have so far appeared in both Series 4 (2013) and Series 5 (2014) of Downton Abbey.

You can find more details about Downton Abbey on their ITV website, or the PBS Masterpiece website in the USA.

We have added two styles of hat boxes (as seen on Downton Abbey) to our designs and these are available to order, please click on the pictures below for more details. Both are large hat boxes, each 16" diameter. One is covered in "Raj" inspired Red and Gold Striped Faux Silk Fabric, the other is covered with Cream Jacquard fabric with a swirly design.

Downton Abbey Hat Box - Red and Gold Striped Faux Silk fabric - Click here for more details
Downton Abbey Hat Box - Cream Jacquard fabric - click here for more details


Pandora's Boxes were commissioned by the BBC to supply boxes for a comedy drama that was shown Boxing Day 2003 on BBC1 and November 2004 on BBC America. The Young Visiters (sic) was written by Daisy Ashford, a Victorian nine year old girl, and her book was published with all her original spelling intact. The boxes we supplied were made to exactly match the costumes worn by the leading character, young beauty Ethel Monticue.

More recently the striped box has featured in a number of other TV and film drama productions, including Northanger Abbey, Pride and Prejudice and Little Dorrit.

Striped hat box
Plain Hat Box


International model and actress Rachel Hunter donated a bikini to be auctioned for the Born Free charity of which she is a patron. We supplied a box for the bikini. The box was covered in cheetah design fur fabric (similar style boxes are available on the Theme Boxes page - click here)

Cheetah design fur fabric box


Sometimes just a simple straightforward box is all that is required to help promote a product. We supplied a box covered in an ivory coloured fabric (pictured below) to be used in one of the four magazine advertisements currently running for Purina's Gourmet Pearl range of cat foods. The star of the show is Archie The Gourmet Cat, who, in the advertisements, gives tips to other cats on "How to get the best from life". In advertisement number 3 of 4, he advises the Cat of the House to "Choose a good quality cardboard box. Sit in it and look extremely handsome...." To see this box in the advertisement, (or if you just love persian cats), click here.

Ivory Box supplied for Purina Cat Food Promotion

Pandoras Hat Boxes in Tatler Magazine May 2010


Pandora’s Boxes were pleased to supply a large selection of hat boxes for a photo-shoot in the May 2010 issue of Tatler magazine in the UK. The hat boxes were photographed by Ruven Afanador in an informal arrangement as part of a feature called “Trophy Life. Ruffles and rocks, frills and fur-meet spring’s high maintenance woman” which showcased beautiful fashions, showing, in the words of Tatler, “How to look expensive for Spring".

You can see this feature in the May 2010 UK edition of Tatler magazine. See


Wedding Boxes
Wedding Boxes: Boxes can be covered with fabric to exactly match or to complement the bridal colours. Also see the Weddings/Anniversaries page - click here
An embroidered initial can be added to the outside (or inside) of the lid - click here for personalised boxes
Personalised Boxes
Shop displays and exhibitions
We recently supplied a design company with jumbo hat boxes for an exhibition in Paris, France. The boxes were used to enhance a display of ladies lingerie on their stand
Elegant black and white moiré tuxedo-style boxes
Black & White Moire Tuxedo-style Boxes